Oh my god...
Blue Man Group

Mood: amazing!
Music: Kaiser Chiefs - Everything Is Average Nowadays

I love my new layout!!! just wanted to say that . I'm going to put the EIAN vid in my navigation, so that it's on the main site everytime :D . And this evening we're going to Blue Man Group! I love them! they're amazing. I'm looking forward to this. so I will put up the vid now (and I hope some more people will visit this blog...)



**edit** ok, the video doesn't work in the navigation...I'll put it on the "adorables" page. 

28.4.07 12:08


Mood: good...weeekend!
Music: Mando Diao - Good Morning, Herr Horst

got some new pages. please USE MY GUESTBOOK! hm...somehow I've got this feeling that no one reads what I'm writing :D haha...blop, blop, blop...blaaaaaa :D ok enough.


27.4.07 18:20

Everything is shit nowadays...

...when no one even tells me that a new Kaiser video is on Tv for the first time!!!

so here it is...Everything Is Average Nowadays


23.4.07 17:03

"They said all teenagers scare the living shit out of me..."

Mood: better
Music: My Chemical Romance - Teenagers


Back with new layout! I love it...this snail's sooo sweeet! :D

hehe I think Ricky made a new blog entry...don't know he didn't write a name under it...stupid idiot! Ok it could also have been simon..no one knows! :D

hm...that was it again! 

22.4.07 18:51


Mood: good
Music: The Subways - Somewhere

whoo...I'm back again...oh I never know what to write. I'm searching a beautiful layout for me now. I want something absolutely adoreable and sweet! and Im going to find something :D


byye...watch out for my german blog because I won't be on this one very often


20.4.07 17:46

First new blog

Mood: Good
Music: The Subways


So this is my new blog. It's an "english" blog, so I will write, put up things in english here and so on.


19.4.07 15:58


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